Faithful In Adversity

Monday, April 09, 2007

Getting the chance to preach what I practice

Shortly before Easter, I had some conversations with a woman I often see in my neighborhood. She complained about what she considered to be careless spending on her husband's part, saying she had let him know she was angry about it. Though I do _not_ for a minute believe that this was a "My husband doesn't understand me" come-on aimed at me, I gently told her that it is not usually a good idea for a married person to speak harshly about his/her spouse to an acquaintance of the opposite sex. I went on to advise her not to let this one issue damage what seemed otherwise to be a good marriage. If his spending ended up causing trouble, it would be better for him to realize it himself, and not be able to blow off responsibility by fixating on her having "nagged" him. (No double standard here, for I do similarly with my wife's spending.)

At a later encounter, the woman told me that things had gotten better between her and her husband, and she thanked me emphatically for my advice. She certainly had a more pleasant Easter for _not_ having fought out the money issue to a bitter end; and hopefully, the advice about not bad-mouthing her husband to another man (which, as I say, she was NOT intending in any shady way) will stick with her.