Faithful In Adversity

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Disloyalty: Worse Than Pornography

Many fans of old movies, who lament the amount of
skin and sweating that is displayed in films today, miss
a point. It does no good to hide the bodies of the women
between characters displays that selfishness which is
the real root of promiscuity.

I have watched many supposedly clean and wholesome
old movies in which, though SKIN was not on display,
SIN was being excused. That is, there would be married
or engaged characters who were made to look good for
breaking faith with their partners--NOT because those
partners had done them any wrong, but only because
the unfaithful ones had found someone who was more
physically attractive or had higher billing in the movie.
Yet just because no one was directly pictured squirming
in a bed, these movies could get away with promoting
themselves as"family entertainment" and as "great love
stories." Betrayal of trust and a callous disregard for
promises were somehow "romantic."

I am far less offended by movies with a lot of sex--but
at least some bond of mutual kindness and care between
characters--than by movies whose "cleanliness" is only
visually clean, while evil attitudes that injure innocent
partners are falsely justified.